I grew up on Long Island and spent most of every summer at the beach.  College and grad school were in the Bronx. After graduation it was on to the Hudson Valley where I taught high school art for 41 years.  I am now a full time artist and volunteer. I live in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Pawling, New York, a great place to call home although the sea still calls my name.

I answer the call whenever I can.

Artist Statement

Born on the south shore of Long Island, the influence of the ocean is strongly represented
in my paintings. It is a recurring theme showing the dichotomies found in nature and reflected in human
emotion. The turbulence and tranquility, the storminess and abject calm, the unpredictability of nature and the reflection of feelings are intertwined and intensely studied.  Sometimes it is just pure exuberance and demonstrated by painting in a very high key. In other subject matter there is always something living assimilated into the painting or drawing to involve the viewer and explore similar contrasts.   The study of movement is a focus in each work.

I will never know everything there is to know about anything. I am sure someone famous said
that. Every painting is an experiment in subject matter, technique and style. Each
work is an opportunity to learn something new.